Business Bazaar’s Pankaj Solanki on tapping the unexplored market


Business Bazaar is one of India’s leading firms for franchising opportunities. At Business Bazaar you will come across thousands of options for the franchise and you get to choose the best for you- the one that you think gives you the maximum benefit over at least one decade We meet the needs of both personnel and business owners who are trying to start a new firm or expand an existing one. Business Bazaar is acknowledged as one of the most trusted franchise companies by the brands along with investors.

This concept is an attempt to create a new nation brand that corresponds to the emerging realities of a Digital India. Business Bazaar is a creative and imaginative attempt to communicate these changing realities to a global audience, as well as a communal discussion on what the Indian nation brand comprises as the country marks its global debut. After over ten years of experience in sales and marketing. I’ve always wanted to operate my own business and start my entrepreneurial journey, and when looking for ideas, I found my expertise in the franchising field. As a result, the journey began.

As this was not the end of my dreams I laid the foundation of Business Bazaar, a banner that encompasses a variety of franchise solutions. And now Business Bazaar has moved from strength to strength and is well acknowledged for revolutionizing the way companies plan the course of action for their business development. Our clients are mostly those who want to expand their business and open up a new franchise. As we meet the needs of both personnel and business owners who are trying to start a new firm or expand an existing one.

Before looking at franchise prospects, it’s important to examine the market and comprehend its dynamics. You must first do thorough research on the sectors that now dominate the industry or are expanding quickly. By doing this, you may choose a franchise with both great potential and room for long-term growth. Prepare a list of franchises with which you wish to launch your firm after identifying key markets.

The secret to a successful business strategy is thorough market research, and knowing the industry will help you select a franchise that can generate sizable earnings. The concept of franchising has been progressively gaining traction in India, where there is still a sizable unexplored market. We have stepped forward to tackle them with its knowledge and all verticals as additional arms, having thoroughly watched the current situation and recognizing the bothersome factors to both franchisor and franchisee.

The franchise sector is always expanding; any business owner with a franchisee model will wish to broaden their horizons. The entrepreneurial trend is highly visible in India right now, and as a result, the demand to expand will develop.

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