We’ll have recycled nearly a million plastic bottles by 2024, Antara Kundu


The brand’s new activist store, efforts toward sustainability, expansion plans, marketing strategy, and more are discussed by Kundu, Deputy GM – Asia South: Marketing, Brand & Customer Acquisition.

 Brands are realising the value of adopting proactive measures to be sustainable and putting their money where their mouth is as consumers become more environmentally conscious and sustainability becomes more and more of a necessity. Following this insight and adhering to its purpose, the ethical cosmetics company The Body Shop opened its second activist store in the nation yesterday in Delhi. Customers can easily recycle the packaging from their beauty products at the Activist Workshop store. The brand’s Return Recycle Repeat (RRR) in-store plastic recycling initiative, according to Antara Kundu, Deputy General Manager – South Asia: Marketing, Brand & Customer Acquisition, aims for long-term, systemic change.

The brand hopes to influence a change in consumer behaviour through the RRR campaign. As Kundu points out, returning bottles to a store is not something that comes easy to us, so even a tiny modification might have a significant impact. As a result, the company is attempting to get customers to return their Body Shop plastics. Adds she. “After customers leave it at the store, it is our obligation to pick it up, sort it, and clean it before recycling the plastic in cooperation with nearby recycling partners. To ensure that everything we package eventually returns to the shop, our long-term goal is to become completely plastic positive. By 2024, our India team has pledged to recycle about 1 million plastic bottles. The best course of action would be to completely reduce the use of plastic. But in all seriousness, what we want to do is consider plastic to be a useful substance. Recycling the bottles and returning them to their original locations is crucial right now since they may be reused and they are more carbon-neutral than many other products.

Communicating to the Consumer

Kundu claims that the brand’s activist foundation helps to hone its focus because there is no room for ambivalence. Considering how this speaks to the customer, Kundu claims. Fundamentally, ethically conscious consumers have always existed, but three new forces have entered the picture. As the population ages, it becomes more ethically conscious, environmentally conscious, and socially progressive than previous generations. That is unquestionably one method where automatic salience occurs. Second, since the pandemic, customer behaviour has changed, and they are now putting their money where their mouth is, requiring many brands and businesses to modify their strategies.

Marketing Route To Sustainability

The Body Shop has always been heavily invested in digital when it comes to selecting the best medium for their communications, spending 60% of their marketing budget on digital platforms. Kundu discloses the brand has always been social media and digitally driven since the target market has always been the young and ethically involved consumer.

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