Byju’s launches new campaign that highlights how parents become learning partners


Byju’s is an Indian EdTech and online tutoring firm that was formed in 2011 by Byju Raveendran. The company today is one of the leading market players with largest market share in India’s EdTech space with a valuation of 11.1 billion dollars. In 2019 the company has started early learning program for class 1 to 3 and also provide training to students for examinations like JEE, NEET, IAS, and GRE. The concepts of a subject are explained using digital animation videos and the firm currently has 40 million users. Recently the firm has also launched new program in its app for kindergarten students.

Byju’s has recently launched an innovative ad campaign that focused on how parents transform into learning partners when their offspring learn what they learn. The films showed that children who love learning on their own can transform into active learners with the guidance of parents and with the help of technology. The films also highlighted the content provident by the Bjyu’s that enables children to gain conceptual understanding of subjects, engage better and learn according to their own pace. The films were conceptualized by Spring and this ad campaign depicted the importance of conceptual understanding and helpful it is for children to gain confidence while learning.

The two films that were released by Byju’s featured children explaining concepts to their friends comfortably without any difficulty and one of the films depicted a funny exchange regarding learning between father and daughter. The other film showed a sequence of events that explored the evolving relationship between a son and his mother. The children in the videos remain confused about why their parents have changed and stopped worrying about the academics. The parents start treating their children as friends as they observed their children understanding concepts better and are easily explaining those to their friends. This will boost the confidence levels of the parents and in the ad, the parents feel proud about their children as they become more responsible, independent, and self-driven learners.  It is well-known fact that parents are student’s first teachers and if parents transform into learning partners, that will help the children to understand concepts even better. The new campaign showed how the company is offering learning programs and a unique learning experience.


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