Next Wave Multimedia partners with Anzu to bring advancement in blended in-game advertising


Nextwave Multimedia is one of the leading mobile game developers that is focused on developing quality causal and multi-player games in the sports genre. Nextwave Multimedia has recently become an independent subsidiary of Nazara Technologies which is one of the leading mobile game publishers. The mission of Nextwave Multimedia is to develop games, digital content, and digital creation tools. It has developed over 200 casual games as a service company and has developed many hours of digital learning content for well known corporate companies. It is a 7-year product start-up with more than 100 million downloads across various mobile platforms.

The gaming environment has transformed from a leisure activity to mainstream entertainment. So advertisers need to consider this fact and treat gaming as an effective channel for communicating with customers. Posting in-game ads in games like WCC 2 will help advertisers to reach a wide range of audiences. WCC apps received a growth during the pandemic and the WCC 2 has 50 million downloads on Google Play Store. The engagement of customers has increased for the WCC games, which is evident from the fact that the average daily user engagement time for WCC 2 increased to 55 minutes from 45 minutes.

Next Wave Multimedia Private Limited, a subsidiary of Nazara, has recently partnered with Israel based Anzu to bring advancement in blended in-game advertising for the second edition of its World Cricket Championship (WCC) franchise. The game tries to leverage Anzu’s blended in-game ad technology to bring more opportunities for the brands and advertisers in the Indian ecosystem. Anzu has formed many strategic partnerships to help align in-game advertising with many media channels. Anzu, being a dominant leader in this space, is expected to bring to WCC ad viewability, measurement, brand lift, audience verification, data enrichment, and fraud detection in partnership with corporate leaders like Moat, Comscore, Kantar, and Nielsen in addition to indigenous ad placements with blended in-game banner ads across Android and iOS devices. The native advertisement format that this partnership brings will help advertisers in reaching their customers without any obstacles while integrating a brand’s message in the game’s environment.


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