Carnatic Music, Aruna Sairam joins the Artium Academic Board


As Faculty Head for Carnatic Music, Aruna Sairam joins the Artium Academic Board

Aruna Sairam, a renowned Carnatic vocalist, and Padma Shri Award winner, is enthusiastic about the prospect of encouraging and assisting aspiring students interested in learning Indian classical music.

She has joined the Artium Academic Board as Faculty Head for Carnatic Music, where she will use her enormous expertise and knowledge to mold and nurture talent through Artium Academy’s unique music curriculum.

Aruna feels that the music arena is rapidly growing, and those teaching methods must evolve to keep up with the changing trends.

Aruna Sairam’s latest Artium Academy campaign explores how music and technology may work together to make learning easier and more accessible to individuals of all ages. Aruna Sairam expresses her love for Carnatic music in the campaign film, as well as her experience in learning it for herself.

The movie concludes with Aruna Sairam inviting music lovers from all around the world to an exciting Carnatic Music course that she has personally planned and curated.

Artium Academy’s Carnatic Music course is a tailored blend of creativity and perfection, taught one-on-one by experienced and certified teachers based on a performance-driven Carnatic music curriculum created under Aruna Sairam’s leadership. The course aims for a basic and easy-to-understand performance-driven learning strategy.

“Learning music has gotten a lot easier due to technology,” Aruna Sairam said of her ambitions to nurture future musicians. India as a country is not only passionate about listening to music, but also about learning it.

Technology is assisting in the development of future artists in a significant way, and I am thrilled to be a part of Artium Academy’s efforts to support and nurture future musicians.

“My collaboration with Artium Academy is extremely relevant as I was hoping to share my learning and experiences in the genre of Carnatic Music, an art form I have revered throughout the years,” Aruna Sairam said of her role as Head of Faculty at Artium Music. I’m ecstatic to join Artium’s Academic Board and contribute to the development of the gold standard in music education.”

With the advancement of technology, Aruna hopes to bring Carnatic music to the millions of aspirants around the world and train them under her tutelage.

Aruna’s desire to encourage new and emerging talent led to a partnership with Artium Academy for the launch of its current campaign to inspire music fans all around the world.

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