Colive launches #SaluteTheHero Campaign


The #SaluteTheHero campaign has been launched by Colive, India’s leading technology-enabled rental housing provider of ready-to-move-in homes. Colive hopes to provide 25,000 free meals for Delivery Heroes in Bengaluru throughout the campaign, which will take place in more than 10 locations. 

Colive has a distribution network of over 100 properties in Bengaluru, and thanks to a central kitchen, Colive can prepare food in advance and deliver it to all locations while it’s still hot and new.

The initiative was created to express gratitude to our distribution personnel who have been working on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help spread the word and contribute to the cause, all one has to do is post a thank you note on their social media page with their delivery executive’s phone number and the hashtag #SaluteTheHero, tagging @Colive.

You may also fill out the necessary information on the official #SaluteTheHero page, Colive can submit a list of places where the free meal is available to the Delivery Hero as a surprise. Between the hours of 12:00 and 2:00 p.m., they will come in and get their free lunch before returning to their tireless job. For evidence, they just need to display their ID card.

Colive’s Founder and CEO, Suresh Rangarajan, commented that, Although most tech employees and the rest of the world are working from home, some of the heroes are keeping the economy going. He assumes that everyone needs to help those who sacrifice their lives every day to make our lives easier in such difficult circumstances.

The delivery staff are selfless heroes, and the economy and the spread of the virus would be in turmoil if not for their courage. Delivery executives who participate in the #SaluteTheHero initiative are committed to delivering and ensuring the prompt distribution of free meals during their working hours.

The campaign’s initial response has been extremely positive, and it is now being scaled up to 1,000 meals a day.

Colive recently unveiled a campaign as part of the effort to offer 25,000 free room nights to healthcare staff, including ambulance drivers, who have been working selflessly to save lives during the coronavirus pandemic. So far, more than 60 healthcare staff, including physicians and nurses, have used the facility at 12 different locations as part of the campaign.

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