Coverage up to Rs 1.3 cr: Reliance Health Insurance


Reliance General Insurance has introduced the Reliance Health Super Top-up insurance policy, which tackles the issue of insufficiency in health coverage when medical expenditures exceed the standard cover, increasing a policyholder’s out-of-pocket spending.

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 65 is eligible to acquire the coverage.

According to the life insurance firm, With rising medical costs, Reliance Health Super Top-up is an economical option to enhance health insurance coverage with a range of industry-leading features. The coverage covers everything from Organ Donor Expenses to contemporary technically advanced procedures like Robotic Surgeries.

The insurance also includes global coverage, as well as air ambulance coverage up to Rs 5 lakhs, maternity coverage up to Rs 2 lakhs, and consumables coverage, all of which are uncommon advantages.

Reliance Health Super top-up choices vary from Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 1.3 crore in total covered.

The greater sum insured, according to the business, serves as a financial buffer for policyholders to supplement their existing low-cover health insurance plans, which are insufficient to fulfill financial demands in the event of even short hospitalization.

Individuals who do not have a health insurance policy can pick this super top-up plan and pay the deductible as specified in the policy out of pocket. Some deductible choices are available, ranging from Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 30 lakhs, making it simple to select the right solution for one’s needs, depending on whether the deductible is paid from an existing base policy or one’s pocket, before the super top-up insurance may begin to cover.

“The previous year has been hard for everyone as individuals negotiated an uncertain health crisis,” says Rakesh Jain, ED, and CEO of Reliance General Insurance. We alleviate the pain points for our policyholders by offering an insurance product like the Reliance Health Super Top Up policy, which provides an individual with the much-needed surplus financial coverage they require cost-effectively, thereby boosting the insurance protection for them and their family.”

The Super top-up policy can be purchased as an individual or as a family floater for 1, 2, or 3 years. The insurance has a ‘Long Term Aggregate Deductible,’ which requires the deductible amount to be passed only once for long-term coverage periods of two or three years, rather than annually.

With its deductible buy-back provision, the insurance also allows you to reduce the deductible and convert the super top-up policy into a normal health policy after four claim-free years.

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