Talentedge reveals its new brand identity


Talentedge, the popular ed-tech firm whose vision is to change the traditional, monotonous way of Indian teaching by empowering young learners to start their journey with smart learning and exciting growth opportunities has modified its brand purpose and identity.

The firm has now invested in Online Program Management (OPM) as well as in executive-education and cohort-based-courses (CBC). The logo of the firm has also been modified. The new one is simple yet insightful highlighting the importance of helping talent get the “edge” – which reflects the foresightedness of the brand and its future vision. The modified brand purpose and identity also highlight that everyone has an innate ability to excel given the right environment or the right “edge”.

Talentedge has maintained its name as one of the most trusted platforms for higher education in India since 2013. The platform caters to people across all age groups from all parts of the world, serving courses, upskilling the career needs of lakhs of students. Business management, finance, marketing, analytics, HR, project management, technology and IT, supply chain management, and various other international courses are available on the platform.

The online learning platform is about bringing change in the process by which people learn and educate themselves. The platform also connects students with top industry preferred courses and top leaders who can further guide the students towards achieving their desired goals. The brand trains industry professionals offering industry-related courses to contribute to the industry’s workforce and also allowing universities to earn a degree online after the latest National Education Policy, 2020.

 Abhinav Upadhyay, Chief Marketing Officer at Talentedge, commented on the new brand identity – “For us, the process of discovering the purpose of the brand and evolving a new identity is a very fulfilling journey and personally very satisfying. India’s gross enrollment rate is low at only 27.4%, which means that there are more people currently out of service of India’s formal higher education system than the combined population of Germany and Canada. We have solved it and ensure that all Indians can achieve what he or she can do. Our new identity is a seemingly simple yet bold and powerful expression of our purpose. Make sure your ambitions aren’t met…”

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