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Speaking to the hearts of consumers has always been essential to any brand’s ability to generate sales. The key to producing experiences that arouse emotions is storytelling. This still holds in the modern era, when businesses are juggling changing consumer expectations with a need to keep on top of engagement trends. Consumers use their smartphones on average for 4-5 hours every day, and for many, taking up the phone is the first step in the daily ritual. One thing is certain: mobile content experiences, including adverts, are an essential part of our daily lives. Whether it’s skimming through the morning news on the lock screen or gaming and surfing social media feeds in between business meetings. How can brands make the most of mobile technology to be competitive and relevant in the fast-paced, hyperconnected world of today? 

Mobile has become a powerhouse of consumer intelligence as it becomes a more and bigger part of customers’ life. By utilising this mobile-first consumer insight, brands may find inspiration and develop the most relevant experiences for their target customers. As a result, there is a chance for companies to interact with customers during crucial times. For instance, Aashirvaad, the top-selling brand of packaged wheat flour (atta) in India, intended to market their Aashirvaad Select line as the ideal atta for people who commute to work and pack their lunches to eat later in the day. For the campaign, the company used mobile-first analytics to target high-interest office-goers’ preferred locales, such as business parks and premier office buildings. The advertisements that encouraged these office workers to purchase Aashirvaad Select for softer Rotis at lunchtime were broadcast on weekends when these audiences were more responsive. To remarket the goods, static adverts were used to retarget even disinterested video watchers on their favourite apps. 

Similar to this, the market leader in its category, Seagram’s Royal Stag, used mobile games to connect with young Indians and foster brand loyalty among its primary target market. They successfully targeted the casual gaming applications where their target consumers were present to construct a creativity-driven campaign. They then used an engaging format—rewarded videos—to create an unforgettable ad experience. A non-intrusive experience was guaranteed by the campaign’s well-balanced mix of several sorts of video ads in a gaming setting. 

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