Digital advertising: working at its peak


When things were about to open, things curled up a bit again. Still, that’s just the stage where we have to take precautions and expect 2022 to bring out the best digital.

 Life is certainly unpredictable and probably the algorithm can’t handle it. I see it more as a disaster recovery plan that needs to evolve for all types of businesses.

In the case of digital advertising, the amygdala appears to be functioning at peak times, experiencing different emotions over the past two years, leading to changes in media consumption habits resulting from various internal and external factors such as z and work.

Finding ways to transcend everyday routines such as discovering certain aspects of yourself through introspection, recognizing the importance of money and savings, and reconnecting with your lost passion. Working from home is not easy and painstaking for everyone, but official phone calls require “space” where not everyone is privileged.

The good thing about it is that I learned to “manage” better, whether it’s professional or personal. For simplicity, I see the pandemic as a hyperbola.

  Digital 2022, consumers are focused and positively interested in the brand’s social perception and the value it represents. Not just one particular innovation may work in the long run.

 At least this year’s biggest challenge is to maintain the innovation that most closely resembles the calculated experiment. In a survey conducted by McKinsey, 61% of respondents said that the reaction of a brand during a crisis has an impact if consumers continue to buy the brand from that brand after the crisis.

 Hybrid Experience

 It’s important to think in terms of a hybrid experience with human-centric design, apart from recent experiences that change consumer tastes. Creativity and messaging play a central role.

The intent should be more aimed at making people feel more connected through a personalized and comprehensive experience, which may not be an easy task.

 As the depletion of third-party cookies blurs the line of sight, all touchpoints of a consumer’s journey should be considered. Analyzing it across touchpoints requires an investment in technology or collaboration that captures consumer behavior.

 Influencer Marketing

When considering influencer marketing, a meticulous strategy is more important than  celebrity support or a simple recruitment plan.

How often do you find out what type of followers a CAT C or macro influencer has? Not only to document, but to learn from it, you need to spend time knowing exactly where communication is spreading and what happened after the activity.

 Measurements are important, but deeper tactical activity may be required to measure the best possible KPR .

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