Story of dating apps during pandemic


Dating as a concept has evolved tremendously in India. The growing digitization in India and the growth of technology have only facilitated people`s need for companionship.

 The pandemic not only brought the world to a screeching halt but also forced people to spend more of their lives online. Driven by isolation, boredom, and lack of social connections, both romantic and platonic, a lot of singles ultimately joined dating apps.

 This ecosystem also saw trends like “lockdown buddies” and the players in the market evolved with the needs of the consumers.

 With these changes, not only young people but also Indian families began to evolve and accept more of their children’s love lives. This was revealed through a recent survey conducted by Aisle, which said nearly 83% of those surveyed believe their family is welcoming to their love life.

According to the report, 70% of the respondents said they would introduce their partner to their family within a year of dating. 63% of respondents said they would discuss their relationship with their mother, which is consistent with the general view that mom is everyone’s favorite.

 Commenting on the growth of dating apps amid the pandemic, Snehil Khanor, Co-Founder and CEO of TrulyMadly, said: “Covid has had no positive or negative impact on TrulyMadly because We focus on serious and long-term relationships.

While this has led to more adoption, social isolation due to the pandemic has encouraged many people to explore dating apps as a way to forge new relationships. TrulyMadly recorded sales of 92 GR over the past two years, but growth started before the pandemic and has continued despite the pandemic.

The main reason for this growth is the trust users have developed in TrulyMadly, as a safe space to find and meet new people and start a relationship – be it friendship or lasting love.

 Serious dating apps are becoming more and more popular because we are listening to the needs of younger generations for meaningful relationships where dating is very important.

Bumble India Communications Director Samarpita Samaddar said, “Since the pandemic started in 2020, we have seen an increase in virtual dating on Bumble. Making connections online is meant to reign supreme in 2021, as over a billion matches were played on Bumble globally in 2021, a 25% increase over matches made in 2020.

 . In 2021, we`ve seen an increased need for social connections with continued lockdown and social distancing restrictions, evidenced by the fact that over 9 billion messages were exchanged on Bumble globally in 2021, up nearly 40% from 2020.

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