Dolby celebrates 10 Years of Dolby Atmos in India

Sameer Seth
Dolby celebrates 10 Years of Dolby Atmos in India

CHENNAI: Dolby a leader in immersive entertainment experiences introduced Dolby Atmos in December 2012, in India. Ever since, Dolby Atmos has become a household name, with a plethora of content available across movies, TV shows, sports, gaming, and music. Today, viewers in India can enjoy 1200+ Indian films in 6 Indian languages, in over 850+ Dolby Atmos screens and multiple hours of original TV shows on streaming services, and music in Dolby Atmos. 

Dolby Atmos is a multidimensional sound with incredible clarity and detail that allows one to hear details they’ve never heard before. Dolby Atmos has reinvented how entertainment is created and experienced. It removes the limits of creative expression for artists to create a spatial sound experience that puts you in the center of your entertainment. 

Dolby brings innovations to people through collaborations with artists, the film industry, A/V companies, businesses, and others. Dolby works closely with several stakeholders in the content creation chain, from directors, to mix engineers, colourists among others, to build strong collaborations. In India, there has been a strong adoption of Dolby Atmos in the content creation ecosystem with multiple blockbuster movies having released in Dolby Atmos.  In fact, Dolby Atmos recently completed 10 years in India. Consumer in India today can experience Dolby Atmos across all lifestyles – Cinema, in the Living Room with TVs & soundbars, on PCs or tablets, on mobile, in gaming & now on-the-go in automobiles. Both global & Indian A/V & Audio streaming services deliver content in Dolby Atmos that include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+hotstar, SunNXT, Hoichoi, Zee5, Eros Now, Simply South, Apple Music, Hungama Music, Gaana, Playtoome, Earshot Podcasts, Times Special Podcasts, SpiceScreen, etc

Mr. Sameer Seth, Director-Marketing, Dolby India commented, “Consumers today are seeking immersive entertainment experiences on their devices to meet their entertainment requirements. From smartphones to television, the demand for immersive audio-visual technology has been constantly increasing for the last couple of years. Not only OEMs, but content creators have been opting for the Dolby experience. As a part linguistic nation, consumers are seeking quality content in different languages with the same immersive experience on all channels. Thereby, Dolby has been ensuring an unmatched audio-visual experience because we collaborated with the whole ecosystem. As a brand, it’s our uniqueness and that is where our strength lies.” 

In terms of marketing, we hugely work on the concept of a collaboration called co-marketing. We tie up with like-minded partner brands to amplify our messaging amongst the vast set of audience. Our campaign is a representation of our marketing practice that how different brands are coming together to leverage the same goal amongst a combined set of audiences. Truly it’s a marketeer’s delight” he added.

In the Southern region, Dolby has consistently built its momentum by forging deeper connections with filmmakers, exhibitors, and cinema enthusiasts. There are now 200+ Dolby Atmos screens in Tamil Naidu & 80+ screens in Chennai alone (installed or committed as of Dec 2022), and over 300+ Tamil titles that have released in Dolby Atmos. In fact, in 2022 alone over 80+ Tamil titles, 100+ Telugu titles, 60+ Malayalam   titles & 30+ Kannada titles released in Dolby Atmos. Some of the popular South Indian titles from 2022 that released in Dolby Atmos include Ponniyin Selvan: 1, Vikram, Beast, Valimai, Don, RRR, Vikranth Rona, etc. 

Dolby also released a consumer campaign in India – ‘Dolby main Suna aur Dekha Kya’  that aims to educate consumers about the Dolby difference available on mobile, on audio wearables or in the living room. The campaign is based on the insight that – if you haven’t seen it or heard it in Dolby, you’ve missed out on the complete experience. The creative direction creates a sense of FOMO in our audience to pique their interest, making them realize that their experience is incomplete without Dolby. With the realization that you don’t just hear & see, you experience & feel entertainment come alive in Dolby, the campaign hopes to induce purchase of a Dolby-enabled device – #BuyInDolby.


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