Dolby releases new ad campaign “Dolby Everywhere” which connects passion points of consumer


The Global leader in audio engineering, Dolby Laboratories, Inc., releases a new consumer campaign in India named “Dolby Everywhere”, which aims to explain what real Dolby sound means. The ad demonstrates the difference in Dolby sound available in the living room, in the cinemas, at work, or on the go. By connecting through the passion points like Movie, Sports & Music, the campaign interacts about lifelike experiences in Dolby. The creative direction of the video is done in such a way that it spotlights the user experience and explores the connection between the viewer and the creator.
The film pictures a day in the life of a person, and how Dolby brings life to the experiences he loves – wherever he goes.
Imagine a heavy downpour in a moody scene, A stunning sunset, A mesmerizing song that hits hard and deep down your chest. This is what Dolby promises to deliver to its consumers. Now it’s easier than ever before to experience all these on the TV, Movies, Sports and Music you love — in Dolby.

In today’s era, the consumer expects a premium entertainment experience, which enables them to have a deeper connection with the content they consume. Consumers seek immersive experiences as they are aware of what they want to watch or listen to. With its creative research and innovation, Dolby revolutionizes the user experience with quality sound. Now it’s easier than ever before to experience the TV, Movies, Sports, and Music you love — in Dolby.
Sameer Seth, Director, Marketing – India, Dolby Laboratories commented, “Our only goal is to offer experiences that bring entertainment to life – be it at the cinemas, at home, at work or on the go. This is what our campaign showcases through consumer passion-points like TV, movies, sports, and other aspects including music.”


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