Dun and Bradstreet take on Business automation


Dun and Bradstreet a leading global provider of AI platforms, B2B (Business to business) Data and insights about industry had released a survey which is done to know CMOs (Chief marketing officers) adopting new technology solution to get involved with consumers. In the last quarter of 2020, this survey was conducted covering responses of almost 250 CMOs whose businesses generating revenue of an estimated 5 million from Six cities of India and 8 sectors of industry.

The survey discloses that 90% of CMOs aiming to get an upgrade towards automation tools by 2021 end. Right now roughly 64% in retail sectors, 70% in Banking, Financial services, and insurance sectors, and 67% in Information technology/ Information technology Enabled services.

Every sector now trying hard to cross their supply through digital medium witnessing many companies already get benefited by doing this in just a short span of time. Digitally they can target a maximum audience rather than offline persuading people, Digital Advertisement decreases the cost portion going for promotions. Automation handles the workload better, sync as much data, and able to perform complex analytics.

Key points highlighted in survey:

Popular activities which drive maximum leads to CMOs are Data Analytics, Social media advertising, and offline or online advertising. Allocating approx 20% of revenue to different marketing activities

CMOs using Automation tools to reach out to a large audience. CRM ( Customer relationship Management) like Salesforce, Zoho, and Microsoft dynamics. Artificial intelligence touches on sales for accelerating growth.

With the use of Machine learning and artificial learning Database of companies smoothens to great extend, three out of four CMOs using these tools. Google analytics helps in customer segmentation to 70% CMO. From  Data mining to processing automation every tool act as a boon to the relevant industries.

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