Havas’ Survey on brands 2021


Havas’ 2021 report on brands reveals surprising facts that only 47% of brands can be termed as trustworthy by 395000 consumer surveys across the world. In fact, if we remove 75% of brands today people don’t even get affected and can easily move to another substitute brand instantly. 71% are in doubt that the product they had order can really fulfill their expectation. Havas is one of the world largest group of communication which bring people and brands together.

However opportunities don’t die, 73% of brands can create difference by providing benefits product feature people are ready to welcome such kind of Authenticity from brands. It can control the alarming gap between consumer expectations from products and what brands bring to the place in the market.

Empty promises have too much small life in a deadly competitive market, where brands keep coming with CSR activities and innovative upgrading day by day. Entry into the market gets so easy after the outbreak of digitalization yet the question remains the same on the sustainability of brands. Consumer’s faith can expand the production, otherwise, they had so many choices already available in the market.

Social media keep playing their role in branding for a long time either positively or negatively. It’s a waste to showcase faulty promises and the same product to the business. The consumer is always being the king of the market and their psychological satisfaction should be definitely matched with modification of products.

Lots of research and proper quality of conclusion can give the edge to brands, rather than being in leads race brands should focus on the quality of their brands which going to be in hands of consumers. Smart consumers only get lured by advertisements for every other time they will search for another brand if they had any bad experiences associate with your brand. Review and feedback play an integral role in expanding the demand area.

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