EPL: Exclusive Precious Lessons in Branding


This month, the English Premier League (EPL) begins. Even though it has been shown in India for some time, there are some intriguing details about how it rose to prominence and developed a fiercely devoted fan base that should inform and motivate brand custodians worldwide. The counterargument usually put out by “number-centered” decision-makers is that, particularly when compared to cricket, the eyeballs do not nearly tally up (as much as they should).

The character of the audience or fans in question, many of whom are thought leaders in their communities, is also sometimes overlooked. Include the level of passion the EPL brand inspires. Years ago, when it was just starting to catch on, I recall a bunch of kids starting a casual football game on Sunday morning at full concentration Since then, those emotionally charged musical notes have only gotten higher in pitch. Therefore it is imperative to pay special attention to the factors that have contributed to the EPL’s success.

Many of these plays might be relevant to branding journeys beyond the playing field and athletics. Even though only a few have been discussed here, everything has been done to launch a fun game of cross-referencing and observation. One that could help many people achieve their lofty aspirations in the marketplace. Kanchan, Vinay providing a means of revolt India was a cricket-obsessed country at the turn of the century. It still is. But with post-liberalization and more exposure to the outside world, certain minor changes have place. influences and the media.

This, along with young people in India feeling more confident, paved the way for the introduction of another sport into the culture. Young people of a new generation, particularly those living in urban areas, sought to express their preferences independent of their parents. They tried to overthrow the dominance of conventional preferences. This manifested itself, among other things, in a revolt against cricket and a switch to football. It is interesting to note that the English Premier League may have edged out its rivals due to two reasons that frequently go unnoticed. First, it was India’s first international league to be televised.

The Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, and Ligue 1 all made brief appearances. later. For a moment, the Liga saw increased spectators and participation, particularly during the Ronaldo-Messi era. Developing sensory clues The EPL will undoubtedly usher in a tonne of sporting enjoyment beginning this week to call a close to this. However, try to take a closer look to see why so many others around you have jumped on this bandwagon as goals fly in, crunching tackles are made, and exciting team maneuvers arise. You may find some excellent ideas for your brand by deciphering their motivations for joining the band.

In addition to being the author of “Positivity,” “Lessons from the Playground,” and “The Madness Starts at 9,” Vinay Kanchan is a brand storyteller and an innovation catalyst

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