Facebook India catalyzes the growth of the Indian gaming system


Facebook has launched its first-ever gaming event known as ‘Facebook Gaming Press Start’ on 19th & 20th October 2021.

The event focuses on game creators, developers, and publishers who can build and monetize their games on Facebook.

Ajith Mohan, Facebook India’s, Vice President and Managing Director, said that gaming would take off in a real and substantial way in India. India would soon develop into a gaming ecosystem.

Gio Hunt, Vice President, Gaming Business and Operations of Facebook, said that India is emerging as one of the largest growing gaming markets. There is an increased focus on gaming on Facebook.

India became a fertile ground where different gaming industries could grow. Therefore, Facebook faces tight competition from other companies like Google’s YouTube and Amazon’s Twitch.

During the lockdown days, gaming brought relief and enthusiasm to people shut from social interactions. The gaming platform helped people to stay connected with their families and friends across the world.

Based on the latest record, Facebook has almost 900 million users engaged globally in gaming sessions. They indulge in all activities related to gaming like watching, following gaming groups, and playing.

India ranked third globally, based on the users who were part of gaming sessions on Facebook. The majority of its population was part of 234 gaming sessions launched by Facebook between July and August 2021.

Over 2000 million people in India watch live-streamed gaming videos. There are almost 20 million people who are active members of Facebook gaming groups in the country.

The Facebook gaming feature in India is multilingual. It is available in various Indian languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu. This feature enables people from different parts of India to watch and be part of the game in their comfortable languages.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, shares the idea to build Metaverse, the next big computing platform. Gaming plays a fundamental role in developing Metaverse.

The company has also united with AR gaming to make metaverse more interactive and provide the best gaming services. It has also sown seeds and built blocks in establishing gaming with content developers like Game Guru, Rog stream, etc.

The company has revitalized its gaming experience pushing the frontiers of social gaming by adding new features and services such as virtual reality via Oculus, cloud gaming, and game streaming.

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