Flipkart introduces AR-powered ‘View in my room feature’


Flipkart camera feature helps shoppers to experience the product look in reality. It gives an immersive e-commerce experience with an AR-powered Flipkart camera feature an augmented reality capability on its app.

This is a real-life purchasing experience for customers using technologies. Online purchasing is the need and an opportunity to engage more and be beneficial to shoppers and help them to make decisions.

For large appliances, furniture customers need an estimation about the correct size and fit of the product before making a purchase decision. This camera will give customers a 3D visual experience of products. The 3D feature will give customers a real-life experience about the product looks like when placed at their homes.

This feature mostly works for the beauty category to build confidence, where customers get a chance to try virtually before decision making. This feature will help to achieve higher and by offering in-house demonstrations of products. 

Customers are shopping comfortably from their homes. This new experience will be useful for the customers to buy the perfect and right product without stepping out. Already the other e-commerce sites like Lenskart, Nykaa, and others have started investing in AR technology. Nykaa- the beauty app already using this feature where we can choose the lipstick color and apply our face virtually. Also, Lenskart tries out the sunglasses virtually.

The rapid adoption of smartphones usage of augmented reality amongst the customers. Gen Z and millennials are driving the demand for AR and VR technology features, wanting more AR or VR capabilities in their shopping experiences.

Flipkart has introduced many initiatives to make online shopping easier. Voice Assistant is one of the initiatives that enable shopping through audio and non- English languages.

The new offering enables shoppers from imagining to experiencing. To start with a view in our room option under that select set of products listed in the app and by clicking on the same camera opens and by rotating the phone camera over the floor for the few seconds would superimpose the product inside the home. This experience will not only enhance the user’s experience boost eCommerce sales too. The 30 percent of the customers wanting more AR and VR capabilities in their shopping experiences.

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