#ForBetterKal- Campaign to boost ‘Nand Ghar’


Vedanta‘s new initiative on addressing prominent social issues is trending across the country.

The new campaign named #ForBetterKal is launched via their flagship Project ‘Nand Ghar’.

The campaign focuses on Health, Education, Women Empowerment, Nutrition, and Hygiene. Through this program, Vedanta shows immense effort in bridging the gap between urban and rural India.

As part of the campaign, Vedanta reveals five videos covering divergent areas of social issues and letting the views have a visual experience of how the front line workers of Nand Ghar working tirelessly to uplift certain communities.

Nand Ghar is the flagship project of Vedanta working under the aegis of the Anil Agarwal Foundation- aimed at transforming the Anganwadi ecosystem in collaboration with The Union Ministry of Child and Development.

McCann Group, the master brain behind the concept of #ForBetterKal lights up the spirits of children on education and introducing new e-learning modules launched across villages, assuring uninterrupted education in lockdowns. The quality and the experience on learning modules that have only been availed in urban areas have been successfully implemented in rural areas within a commendable period.  One of the videos showcases the tremendous effort put in by the Nand Ghar team for achieving this milestone.

Another video stresses the impact brought by the team on the health care system. The emergency support team and certain steps necessary for ensuring a steady supply of essential medicines during the lockdown and other community activities. Through the continuous and never-ending effort by The Team, Nand Ghar made possible the availability of medical services to the community which once has been a chimera for the natives.

Vedanta also plans to launch these videos as TVCs in multiple television channels and Social media all over the country. The team expects to get more catch to spread the news on their community activities for them to get an accelerated growth on services. The videos will be aired on leading channels in multi-languages supported by digital, outdoor and retail activation plans.

The flagship project also offers an integrated bouquet of services covering e-learning for children, economic empowerment of women, primary health care services, strengthening of the local government system, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Nand Ghar mainly aims at serving women and children and in the pandemic, they have also stretched their activities on covid-19 prevention, and conducting awareness programs, and educating the community. They have introduced quarantine and vaccination centers during the pandemic.

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