Gajraj Rao’s lookout for the wooden door ends with Tata Pravesh


Do you need to shop for an  “A1 lakdi ka darwaza”? It gives guaranteed safety and protection against fire and termites, and at the same time as at it is stable on maintenance and additionally is very secure.

If yes, then you may need to work hard as Gajraj Rao, actor and advertising movie director. He was looking out to buy a timber door having almost all the features. But the annoying door sales person showed his fears saying “Aisa darwaza koi nahi dega”.

An adventure right into home begins with its door. It is that this door that creates the primary influence and units the tone for the elegance of the house. While beauty is critical at the same time as deciding on a door, that’s now no longer the most effective element to consider. A door is what stands among the solace of your own circle of family and the issues of the out of doors world. Thus, selecting the appropriate door is something that can’t be taken lightly and strength and safety being the most important considered while looking for one.

Turns out there may be one such door courtesy, Tata Pravesh doors and windows. It is fire-resistant, termite-resistant, possesses with great strength and now even comes with contactless installation.

Combining the energy of metallic and the splendid wood, Tata Pravesh doorways and home windows provide entire peace of thoughts to its customers in point of price, first-class, durability and security. The doorways are made from high grade metallic use of latest generation to make certain preferred resistance to fire and different risks generally skilled withinside the case of wooden doors.

Factory-engineered to perfection, each product is uniform in first-class and finish; the feel resembles that of actual wood. Free accessories, delivery and set up is been provided with five years warranty. Similarly customers can  go online of Tata Pravesh doorways it provides answer for all of your wall opening needs.

They had advertisements asking India to “Keep the doors of India closed as long as it takes and to be safe within home”. And when India got unlocked the brand had its advertisement as “The doors of India remained closed to keep us safe and now it’s the time they are finally getting unlocked to open hope for 1.38 billion Indians.”

As the 12 months 2020 involves to an end, it’s thrilling to observe that Tata Pravesh launched memorable advertisements included the COVID-caused lockdown began out and when India started out to unlock they involved everything in their brand advertisements to get the customers connected.


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