Gillette Venus launches a new campaign this Friendship Day


This Friendship Day, Gillette Venus, the nation’s top female hair removal brand, launches its newest campaign, #LoveYouToVenusAndBack, which stars the top young creative in the business, Prajakta Koli, Barkha Singh, and Sanjana Sanghi. The movie pairs together three BFF pairs who open up and have frank conversations with their best friends from real life. In their open confession, they are seen talking about everything, from the things they adore in one another to how they have supported one another in overcoming their inhibitions and phobias.

Based on the idea that our closest friends are the ones who help us face and overcome our fears and insecurities, the marketing video shows three BFF pairs challenging one another by posing outrageous and bizarre tasks for them to complete. Best friends challenged one another to help them overcome their inhibitions. They did things like dancing with a hula hoop, increasing confidence with karaoke, and trying hair removal with Venus for the first time.

“At Gillette Venus, we have always tried to make every lady feel confident and at ease in her skin,” stated Saurabh Bajpai, Senior Director & Country Category Leader, Gillette India. We are aware that she asks her friends and classmates for help with both minor and major life decisions. Through the ad video, we hope to recognize these people as the strongest support system and encourage her to face her anxieties alongside us rather than succumb to them. We felt it was our responsibility as a company that cares about young girls to make sure she notifies her buddy on Friendship Day that we “#LoveYouToVenusAndBack.”

Actor and YouTuber Prajakta Koli said, “I share everything about my life with my YouTube family because I’m a very open person on social media. However, there are always some inhibitions that you reserve for your closest loved ones. My best buddy and I finally got together to talk openly and support one another in overcoming our fears and social phobias thanks to the Venus campaign video, and I’m thankful for that. I “#LoveYouToVenusAndBack” to all of my online YouTube buddies.

Venus Snap’s most recent version has also been released by the company. It is the ideal complement to a girl’s cosmetic kit because it is enriched with avocado oil for smooth skin. The hair remover comes in a little package that is simple to fit into the palm and is enabled with soap gel bars and outfitted with a handle that is ready for travel. It costs INR 399 and is offered for sale on the e-commerce sites Nykaa and Amazon.

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