Godrej launches its new campaign #TwoDegreesCooler


The Indian multinational conglomerate Godrej launched its new digital campaign #TwoDegreesCooler to spread a message on climate change. The campaign was released on the occasion of World Earth Day and intends to urge individuals and industrialists to turn to smart usage of resources to help reduce climate change

The one-minute digital film was conceptualized by Creativeland Asia and Team Godrej and it highlights the Godrej Groups’ dedication and promises to India, to control global warming and limit the emission of greenhouse gases. The campaign aims to inspire people to protect the environment and its abundant species. The campaign also strives for an energy-efficient process by using renewable energy and to be water positive by the methods of reducing, reuse, and recycle.

The chief creative officer of Creativeland Asia commented that the well-being of the planet has always been the primary priority for the Godrej Group. And has always tried to keep up with adapting to a sustainable lifestyle through their various business activities. With the new initiative #TwoDegreesCooler, the Godrej Group tries to help India keep its promise to protect the planet by trying to limit global warming by 2050.

Tanya Dubash, the executive director and chief brand officer of Godrej Group commented that “We are privileged to represent India by being one of the Conglomerates participating in the Paris Agreement which aims to limit global warming”. She also added that Godrej is constantly trying to make its all businesses as efficient as possible to help create a better world that is both clean and green. The #TwoDegreesCooler campaign launched as part of World Earth Day attempts to capture the deep commitment towards our country and planet.

Earth has always been a provider, despite the free services that earth provides to humans, we are unable to pay off her warmth and kindness. Humans have always been cruel to Earth with their selfish activities. As responsible citizens, it is our primary role to reduce our carbon footprint through eco-friendly activities. The #TwoDegreesCooler campaign aims to sensitize people to adopt a lifestyle that is sustainable thereby helping to heal and restore our planet.

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