Google cloud invest to expand its operations over India’s sky


Google Cloud will invest “very aggressively” to extend its footprint and ramp up operations in India. It is also recruiting senior degree expertise and is wished to open more Cloud regions in the nation, including one planned in Delhi, which is expected to be functional by 2021, stated CEO Thomas Kurian.

Kurian stated on the sidelines of the Google Cloud Next 2020 virtual conference that “We are investing very aggressively to grow our go-to-market presence in the country. We are focusing both on conventional enterprises like manufacturing, pharmaceutical, financial services companies who are trying to build platforms themselves as well as digital natives…,”

“We clearly have made a significant investment in India as Alphabet Inc (Google’s parent entity), because we believe in the promise of the economy and growth of the economy,” he added.

Recently Alphabet Inc CEO Sundar Pichai made a statement that Part of Google’s $10 billion investment in India over the next 5-7 years will go towards data centers.

Google Cloud faces tough competition from cloud services providers Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, which have a higher market share in India and across the world.

Karan Bajwa, who was prior to IBM, joined Google Cloud earlier this year as managing director of its India operations.

Kurian stated that talent expansion helped them to win more clients in India.

And Moreover, he stated that due to the excessive growth in a digital transaction, many financial institutions in India are pressure-free on their IT infrastructure by offloading transactions on to Google Cloud.

Online transactions and payments have rebounded after dropping in March during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in India.

“When we look at conventional financial services institutions in India, one of the things that many have asked us for help is…their IT infrastructure which gets a lot of pressure with (the growth in online transactions). We are providing many institutions with capabilities to do that. We have technology that helps people minimize their dependency on strolling each and every transaction to the mainframe by using offloading transactions from the mainframe to the cloud,” he said.

The organization has also seen startups migrating to its platform from other providers, he said.

“We also are seeing leading organizations shift from other cloud providers to us as they grow because of the capabilities of our network and the quality of the infrastructure,” stated CEO Thomas Kurian.

According to technology industry body Nasscom, the adoption of big data, analytics, AI, and the IoT is expected to push the cloud market in India to $7.1 billion by 2022, growing at an annual rate of 30%.

The development of data centers in India has been driven to some extent by the RBI’s mandate to locate financial transactions data of Indian customers on local servers.

Google Cloud has presented a new security feature known as ‘confidential computing’ for public sector companies and regulated industries which provides encryption to their workloads on the cloud when it is in transit, at rest, and while it is being processed.


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