Havas Group India announces joint-venture with Conran Design Group


Havas Group is a public relations and French multinational advertising company that was founded in 1835. The company is headquartered in Paris, France and operates in more than 100 countries, and employs more than 20,000 people. Havas Group is one of the largest advertising and communications groups in the world which has three main divisions: Havas Health and You, Havas Media Group, and Havas Creative Group. The company offers a diverse range of communication services which include digital, advertising, direct marketing, corporate communications, sales promotion, media planning and buying, human resources, and sports marketing. The company believes in meaningful brands as they are better for business and the world and has a mission to make a meaningful difference to brands, people, and businesses.

Havas Group India has recently announced its strategic joint-venture with Conran Design Group intending to strengthen its operations in India. Conran Design Group is a Havas agency that has experience of over six decades in building iconic brands. Their mission is to bring the brands to life through design and they manage the brands that are relevant, personal, and are designed to give a strategic and commercial advantage. As part of this collaboration, Conran Design Group is opening a new global office in Mumbai to experience a successful business in New York and London. The company in Mumbai with 15 specialists and is supported by the company’s teams globally is expected to become a huge asset to Havas Group India as the company’s mission to deliver a meaningful difference to its clients.

The joint-venture will provide an opportunity for Havas’ clients to join Conran’s expertise in brand strategy, branded environment, visual identity, and packaging with a perspective of a global design with local relevance while also offering clients of Conran Design Group access to Havas’ global network. Conran Design Group is also building a design innovation unit in Mumbai to test new design ideas and to collaborate with local design colleges and institutions to develop design talent. The Indian consumers are forward-looking who demand global brands re-imagine their experiences and build a local connection. So, the joint-venture creates an opportunity to test the impact that brand experiences have to build long-term brand loyalty and this venture also helps the companies to become stronger identities.


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