HDFC launches spot home loan offer on WhatsApp


HDFC Ltd has introduced the ‘Spot Offer’ on WhatsApp, to assist in obtaining a basic home equity loan. Announcing the new launch, HDFC has said a basic housing loan will be approved within two minutes. Collaborating with Cogno AI, HDFC Ltd has developed a solution developed via WhatsApp Business Platform to provide conditional home loan approvals quickly.

Those who want to borrow should send a message to the HDFC WhatsApp number to start the process, the borrower said in a statement released to the media for the benefit of customers. Home ownership can now be faster, 24 × 7 and easier with HDFC Home Loans, “the company said. All users have to do is start a conversation with the HDFC WhatsApp number (+91 9867000000) and provide basic information, with a few clicks through the targeted chat flow, it says.

The HDFCs spot offer on WhatsApp is a great platform to get basic home laons at a quicker pace. HDFC has always sought to improve its service delivery capabilities using technology and provide an opportunity for customers looking for a loan to purchase a location of their choice, “HDFC said in a statement on Tuesday.

“This new concept has been aimed at  HDFC has trying to create a unique digital experience for its customers. It would be done by integrating its services into an environment that is already familiar and known to its potential audience. Obtaining a mortgage permit from the stadium is now possible with HDFC ” color rendering ‘, ”he added.

Speaking at the event, Renu Sud Karnad, Managing Director of HDFC Ltd said, “We are delighted to present this new platform integrated with WhatsApp. This will make it easier for those who want to buy a home to get a mortgage to buy the home of their dreams. We at HDFC have focused on investing in digital transformation for better customer experience and engagement. In India the demand for housing has always been at highs.

“Today, there is a strong desire to own a home and the need for housing continues to come from both, the original homeowners and those who climb the ladder of buildings – often in large houses. Being able to afford it today is also better than ever and in India as inflation rates rise, we will see young people being able to afford housing faster in life, ”he added..

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