‘Hindustan Surakshachalisa’: A COVID-19 awareness video by Hindustan


As India continues its battle against COVID 19-recording further recoveries while removing restrictions-this is the moment when we need to be more vigilant than ever. Hindustan is intensifying the fight by impressing the main steps to be taken to tackle the on-going pandemic. To communicate with people at a deeper and more emotional level while educating them on various safety measures, Hindustan has taken the path of narrating the Suraksha Chalisa or the Poem of Safety through the conventional prose writing style, exposing the advantages of keeping oneself safe.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced countries into the Great Lockout, which helped to control the epidemic and save lives, but also caused the worst recession. About 75% of countries are now re-opening at the same time as the pandemic is escalating in both developed and developing economies. Several countries have begun to rebuild. Under such circumstances, it’s necessary to be safe. Here arise the relevance of the Hindustan Suraksha Chalisa campaign 

The goal of the Hindustan Suraksha Chalisa campaign is to reiterate successful steps against COVID. It is to warn us that whilst the vaccine is on its way, it does not warrant us to avoid taking safety precautions. The motive behind this video is to communicate in a language with which the viewer understands and connects.  Suraksha Chalisa thoroughly incorporates important messages and educates the viewers while we are in a crucial role in the war against the pandemic. Vertical video format also allows better story-telling through a mobile-first approach.

As a brand that touches the deepest pockets of India, it is imperative that the correct knowledge is disseminated by Hindustan. Timely promotions like the Hindu Suraksha Chalisa remind us that coronavirus is still a part of our lives and we cannot have a casual approach towards it.

More than a million viewers have now watched the video as it continues to be posted and viewed around the world. Let’s adopt safety measures to be safe.

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