How Lenovo combined eco-conservation & connectivity in a unique global initiative


With the help of Lenovo‘s global “Work For Humankind” (WFH) project, volunteers now have the opportunity to “work from anywhere.” The initiative brought volunteers together to gain personal experience working from one of the most distant, technologically advanced workplaces in the world while bringing about permanent change in an island community.

Fresh data from a global research study (commissioned by Lenovo) found that 77% of respondents are enthusiastic about new, developing technologies that would make it easier to successfully “work from anywhere,” which served as the inspiration for this fantastic initiative.

On Robinson Crusoe Island, volunteers brought their hybrid work—powered by Lenovo technology—and joined forces through a number of life-altering restoration initiatives to prevent the extinction of endangered animals and support the neighborhood’s transition to sustainability.

Emily Ketchen, Chief Marketing Officer and VP, Intelligent Devices Group, Lenovo, discusses this one-of-a-kind campaign and how the staff members were involved with the Robinson Crusoe Island community in an interview with Adgully for their column Talking Insights.

What motivated the concept of work for humanity? What was the purpose of it?

Utilizing technology for good and working remotely are at the heart of both the concept and the work. Together with the inhabitants of Robinson Crusoe Island and the NGO Island Conservation, Work For Humankind is a really audacious project. Volunteers from all across the world participated in what was essentially a once-in-a-lifetime chance to work remotely.

What sort of chance did Lenovo see in their collaboration with Robinson Crusoe Island?

Because Robinson Crusoe Island is one of the most isolated islands in the world, Lenovo collaborated and engaged with it. It is located 400 miles off the Chilean coast. There are a sizable number of species there that are unique to this region. The archipelago is stunning and abundant in animals. However, it is also in danger from the problems brought on by how the world is changing, such as the effects of invasive species and habitat loss. Members of the community struggle to have access to both education and healthcare.

What marketing trends are you anticipating for a worldwide audience in the upcoming years?

Lenovo will take inputs very seriously. Our customers will provide these insights. We devote a lot of time to hearing from our clients. In fact, one of the main motivations behind this campaign was the information we learned from our research, which revealed that people, particularly younger Millennials and members of Generation Z, want to be able to work from anywhere, be productive, and give back.

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