In-depth Beyond Devi and Diva- The big change in brand communication for women

women-power- devi or diva
women-power- devi or diva

From being shown as housekeepers and caregivers to empowered women leading countries and businesses; from muted tones of period care to bold exchanges like “Tough the fix”; from taking pride in keeping an immaculate home to gender equivalency in ménage chores – the numerous places that women play painlessly, and the way brands communicate with women and depict them in announcements, have together experienced an ocean change.

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Over the times, brands have veered down from the stereotypical definition of women in advertisements – either a devi or a princess; the ever-smiling mama preparing two- nanosecond polls for her empty sprat or a femme fatale in a manly innerwear or deo spray announcement. This elaboration in brand communication didn’t be overnight but was a gradational bone as consumer sentiments changed and as women began asserting themselves and got the due recognition for their donation – be it at home, the plant, in the business sphere, and society.

One would recall Lalitaji from the 1980s, the no- a gibberish housewife who would state emphatically why “suds ki karid- dari mein hi samajhdari hai”. That was presumably the first time when an Indian housewife was portrayed as a tone-assured and intelligent paperback. This announcement was a changemaker for the entire announcement assiduity.

Elaboration on Brand Communication

Talking about how brand communication has evolved in addressing women, Manisha Kapoor, CEO, and SG, of the Advertising norms Council of India, developed, “Advertisers are recognizing that consumers have also moved veritably much ahead. Consumer has made a lot of strides in their life, particularly woman – that has been one of the biggest social changes in the last 15-20 times. Women are also conscious of the places that are being portrayed.”

Adding further, she said, “Advertising is putting out a certain communication and aspiration on those dispatches. Advertisers should make those dispatches progressive rather than corroborated. The member is moving in a direction it should move briskly.”

Creative strategies in channelizing the character.

Isha Mathur, Account Director, 80db Communication, noted, “Time has evolved a lot in the last decade, and this change is across sectors, diligence, and exchanges. Women’s incorporation was beyond common till many decades back, but in recent times the mindset has been rehabilitated and brands are cautiously curating womanish characters.”

She further said, “While channelizing the studies for a crusade it’s pivotal to understand the target followership and the crusade thing and consequently decrypt the medium to be used. The constant venting and mindfulness from both men, women, and society at large played a critical part in this change and we must keep progressing then.”

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