Instaclustr receives PCI-DSS certification for its managed Elasticsearch service on AWS for data logging, search, and analytics


Enterprises can utilize the Instaclustr-managed Open Distro for Elasticsearch for data logging, search, analytics, and other use cases if their applications require complete PCI-DSS compliance.

Instaclustr, an open-source data management firm that provides scalability through its fully managed platform for open-source data technologies, has received new PCI-DSS certification for its Managed Elasticsearch service on Amazon Web Services.

The Open Distro for Elasticsearch, which will shortly be upgraded to OpenSearch, is the foundation for Instaclustr’s Managed Elasticsearch. Customers of Instaclustr who use the open-source distribution have complete ownership and portability of their data, are not bound by vendor lock-in, and are not charged license fees.

The Managed Apache Cassandra and Managed Apache Kafka solutions from Instaclustr have also been re-certified on AWS.

This PCI-DSS certification for Managed Elasticsearch complements Instaclustr’s current PCI-DSS and SOC 2 accreditations, demonstrating the company’s dedication to comprehensive data security policies and architecture.

Enterprises with the strictest security needs may use Instaclustr’s sophisticated managed open-source data solutions with confidence, knowing that their environment is always compliant with the strictest security regulations.

The PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a security standard established by the payment card industry that applies to all companies that store, handle, or transfer cardholder data. According to PCI-DSS certification criteria, all system components inside or with access to the cardholder data environment must have specified and stringent technical, physical, and operational security measures.

PCI-DSS rules are presently finding growing acceptance across various industries, as the acknowledged “gold standard” for security procedures, beyond applications directly requiring finance and payment card transactions.

Instaclustr’s Chief Product Officer, Ben Slater, stated, “We stay successful in addressing the data solutions we offer for corporate clients are always held to the greatest protocols.” “Instaclustr-managed Elasticsearch has now achieved PCI-DSS certification, joining our Cassandra and Kafka solutions. In addition to fulfilling PCI-DSS compliance for clients who require it, we’ve introduced significant security upgrades that will increase security for all of our managed service clients, regardless of the product or platform they use.”

Enterprises that want full PCI-DSS compliance can opt-in to enable the appropriate security settings when building an Elasticsearch cluster on the Instaclustr managed platform (for example, password complexity in the Instaclustr console). To attain full compliance, customers must take on extra obligations. Please check the Instaclustr support page for additional details.

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