Is’s New Marketing Method Effective?


Fitness and health is a market that has been growing at a rapid pace during the past few decades. In this era of buff and fit supermodels filling up all advertising space and people’s natural drive to become healthy, this industry has had an expected boom. With the incorporation of technology into the mix in the past decade, people have been able to analyze and understand their progress., one of the organizations leading the industry, is a health and fitness company that has been offering digital and offline experiences across fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being.

As a part of their newest marketing campaign, they released a YouTube video which allows interactors to conscript while watching the video. Gaurav Arora, co-founder of Social Panga, the Bengaluru-based digital marketing agency behind health and wellness company’s new video said that they were trying the whole ‘Bandersnatch’ (2019 Netflix movie) concept itself. The video series uses YouTube’s end template screens. that the creators can use to recommend other videos, to create a series of videos that follows the script line that the interactor chooses. So how does this work? A video titled ‘What would you do?’, the first video of the series, lets you choose from three festive foods to eat. Choose one and it takes you to another video where it informs you of the calories you’ve consumed. Then you are offered a choice of three workout videos, pick one and you will be directed to another video. Follow the workout instruction to see if you can shed the extra calories.

Initially, the company tried to use one TVC but realized that annotations do not pop up on every laptop and mobile. So they decided to use the YouTube end screens to their advantage. Then chose common sweets that most people have during the festive season like ‘gajar ka halwa’, ‘aloo tikki chaat’, and besan ka laddoo. Then a workout routine to burn the specified calories, 255 calories, was worked out by a fitness trainer at the organization. But has the use of this chain series of videos caused users to lose interest? The answer, as of right now, is a resounding yes. We see that while the first video has over four thousand views the last video has less than three hundred. Of course, this may be subject to change.


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