ITC tie up with Havmor an ice cream brand to provide distribution


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The jingling sound of a bell would send us scrambling out of the home and down the street. On a sweltering afternoon, the bell would call us to a relaxing and pleasurable pleasure of having a cool ice cream.

These jingling bells have become increasingly unusual on ice cream carts in recent years. People in Delhi and the NCR are now hearing these welcoming noises again, however these ice cream carts are now selling frozen cuisine instead of ice cream.

In collaboration with Havmor Ice Cream, ITC Master Chef Frozen Snacks is expanding its ice cream pushcart distribution network to make its easy-to-cook snacks more accessible.

It enables ITC Master Chef to use 100 Havmor Ice cream carts throughout the winter season, which is the peak season for frozen snacks and normally the non-peak season for ice cream in Delhi marketplaces, as part of ITC’s innovative routes-to-market distribution strategy.

The frozen foods industry sees a 30% rise in sales from November to March compared to the summer months, as individuals in colder climates prefer to have heated snacks at home.

ITC Limited (Frozen Foods) vice president and business head Ashu Phakey said the cooperation will enable the company add more distribution touch points. It increases capacity, improves frequency, and allows ITC Master Chef to show off its entire product line.

“This is a one-of-a-kind, industry-first project.” “In this sector, there has never been a cross-industry relationship like this,” he said. The frozen food sector in India is worth roughly Rs 2,400 crore, with around half of the market coming from the Hotel, Restaurant, and Cafe (HORECA) channel and the rest from retail.

Despite the convenience, flavour, and nutrition that these foods provide, the category is small in India compared to other competitive areas. Although it is a substantial industry in Southeast Asia, freezer penetration in India is far lower than in countries like Sri Lanka and Thailand, where frozen goods are widely consumed.

Apart from the misconceptions about frozen food and the fact that Indian households have ample resources to prepare fresh food, Phakey attributes the lack of growth to a lack of product diversification, as the company’s product portfolio was previously dominated by potatoes – whether French Fries, Smilies, or Potato Bites.

This limited it to being a tiffin snack for youngsters on rare occasions. Master Chef addressed the issue by expanding the product catalogue to include a wider range of products and expanding beyond snacking to include mealtimes.

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