JB pharma starts a heart health awareness campaign


In an attempt to educate the public about the urgent need to halt the continuous growth in the prevalence of heart disorders, particularly hypertension and heart failure, in India, JB Pharma launched the public awareness campaign #Heart2HeartChallengeIndia with the assistance of the HEAL Foundation. The ad urges individuals to follow a few simple instructions to check the health of their hearts. To motivate five other people to take part in the #Heart2HeartChallengeIndia, individuals are required to climb 60 stairs (4 floors) in one minute, record the challenge, publish the video on social media, and tag three additional people.

The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness about testing one’s heart health since, as the European Society of Cardiology has shown, the inability to climb 60 stairs (4 floors) in one minute is the main indicator that one’s heart is suboptimal (not operating effectively). Additionally, it would be wise to visit a doctor, have your blood pressure tested, and take any necessary preventative or curative actions to maintain a healthy heart.

Dilip Singh Rathore, President of JB Pharma’s India Business, notes that the WHO report states that nearly 63% of all deaths in India are attributable to non-communicable diseases, with cardiovascular disease (CVD) accounting for 27% of these deaths and affecting 45% of people between the ages of 40 and 69. High blood pressure is one of the most important risk factors for CVDs. Additionally, it still requires suboptimal management due to limited awareness of hypertension, inadequate primary care, and follow-ups. Due to the need to spread awareness about World Heart Day, we developed the “Heart2Heart Challenge India” campaign as a pleasant reminder to the general public to pay attention to their heart health, which falls on September 29. The #The Heart2HeartChallenge India campaign is an innovative effort to improve poor heart health conditions among Indians and to advance the Government of India’s objective to cut the prevalence of hypertension (high blood pressure) by 25% by 2025. The programme consists of several stages, such as four flying challenges, learning how to accurately monitor blood pressure (BP RIGHT KARO), and cholesterol testing. By World Heart Day, we want to climb to a height equivalent to seven peak summits throughout the globe in an effort to set a new record. Only around 12% of Indians with hypertension have their blood pressure under control, according to WHO data, according to Dr Swadeep Srivastava, founder and chairman of the HEALof Foundation. This prompts grave worries about India’s state of cardiovascular health. Uncontrolled blood pressure is another important risk factor for cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), such as heart attacks and stroke, which are responsible for one-third of all fatalities in India. About 2500 JB employees, including senior management from various locations, will participate in the campaign and accept the challenge in order to spread the word about a healthy heart and timely blood pressure monitoring. They will also invite more and more members of their groups to accept the challenge

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