Jio introduces initiatives for Jio Phone users during the pandemic


JioPhone was created to give every Indian a digital existence. In these unusual times of the Covid pandemic, Jio wants to make sure that remaining connected is affordable and accessible to all consumers, particularly the less fortunate.

Jio has announced two special steps for the epidemic period to ensure this:

  1. Jio, in collaboration with the Reliance Foundation, will offer JioPhone subscribers who have been unable to recharge owing to the present pandemic,300 free minutes of outbound calls each month (10 minutes per day) throughout the epidemic.
  2. In addition, for every JioPhone plan recharged, JioPhone users will receive a free extra recharge plan of the same value. A JioPhone subscriber who recharges with a Rs 75 plan, for example, will receive an extra Rs 75 plan for free.

(This deal does not apply to annual plans or plans that include a JioPhone device.)

Reliance is committed to standing with every Indian through these trying times and will continue to do everything possible to help our countrymen and women overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic.

The entire Reliance family has banded together to help the country combat COVID-19. With a multi-pronged, round-the-clock strategy, Reliance quickly launched on-the-ground activities to assure the country’s victory over COVID-19. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, it worked tirelessly to alleviate the pain of Indians and aid in their recovery. Through different initiatives, Reliance is putting all of its resources, both human and material, to help India overcome the threat posed by the virus. 

In just two weeks, the Reliance Foundation opened India’s first Covid-19 care hospital, which has since grown from 100 to 2,325 beds scattered across Maharashtra and Gujarat, including intense and special care, therapy, and isolation facilities.

To ensure that emergency services continue to function without interruption, Reliance is supplying free fuel to government-notified cars and ambulances.

They established Mission Anna Seva, the world’s largest corporate foundation-led meal distribution program, and have purchased 32 ISO Containers from throughout the world to deliver oxygen.

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