Kotak Business Banking Solutions announces new campaign on World MSME Day


In India, where most MSMEs are owned and run by business families. Family firms play a vital role. For the sons and daughters of an entrepreneur, belonging to a business family is a demanding situation. On digging deeper into the minds and lives of these young entrants, it seemed that the younger generation dealt with many challenges while stepping into their family’s business.

People often question their ability to succeed on the based on their age, gender, and prior experience, etc. However, overcoming any difficulty or challenge that comes their way is one of the biggest characteristics of determined and passionate youth.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited, Indian banking and financial services company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It provides banking products and financial services to retail and corporate sectors. It provides services in the areas of life insurance, wealth management, personal finance, and investment banking. As of February 2021, it is the third-largest private sector bank by market capitalization, with 1600 branches & 2519 ATMs. It’s been quite a journey, from launching Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd. in 1985 to becoming the country’s most trusted financial institution today.

 “At Kotak, we expect highly from ourselves, then what everyone else expects of us. This way, we are creating a rewarding and delightful experience each day for our customers”

Sudish Balan, Chief Business Officer, Tonic Worldwide, said,” Often, the success stories of the entrepreneurs who build up Through a series of three films, is what inspires the young, budding business owners, and we aim at showing the encouragement and support Kotak provides to these business ventures,”

On World MSME Day, Kotak Banking Banking Solutions announced the ‘Empowering Business, Empowering You’. A campaign that along with promising to partner businesses in their journeys, also empowers the youth to thrive and succeed in spite of all the internal and external challenges.

Series of 3 films is conceptualized and executed by Tonic Worldwide, which has highlighted the common stereotypes that young entrepreneurs had to go through. Eventually, the films focus on showcasing how the youth works towards proving every assumption wrong and prove to be leaders and winners in their respective fields.

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