Kraft Heinz initiates new campaign #drawketchup


Kraft Heinz launched a campaign asking to come up with sketches so that the customers can have their own personalized bottle with their artwork. A worldwide project in which thousands of unidentified persons were assigned to “draw ketchup.” motivated the initiative. Most of them, according to an announcement, drew the Heinz bottle from memory

A short video demonstrating the project on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter was shared by Kraft Heinz Canada, along with the hashtag #drawketchup and a link to a microsite where amateur artists can upload their own ketchup sketches by Jan. 31. Through their drawing on the mark, the 250 winning artists will get a custom package and a glass.

The labels from this trial will be included on a Heinz bottles limited edition community and on digital billboards. The advertisement includes additional billboard signs to advertise the online competition with the words, “We asked people to draw ketchup. They drew Heinz,”

For a chance to win a personalized bottle showcasing their ketchup renderings, Kraft Heinz Canada aims to engage customers with its online contest. The project that asks people to draw ketchup is a fun stunt in the multichannel campaign and an incentive to spread the strength of its iconography worldwide.

It will help to capture more first-party data by requiring consumers to apply their contact information, which has become a greater focus for marketers worried about losing access to audience monitoring methods such as third-party cookies and user identifiers. However, with an opportunity to win, contestants are not expected to post their artwork on social media, so the campaign is less likely to go viral, as seen in hashtag competitions on applications such as TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

In its latest promotions, customer interaction and personalized packaging have become bigger trends for Kraft Heinz. Among the more recent ones, members of the social video app TikTok asked their Heinz Ketchup brand to post videos of their Halloween preparations.

As of Jan. 22, 4.8 billion views were created by videos using the #HeinzHalloween hashtag, an indication that the campaign was widely spread on the site.

In comparison to the success of parent company Kraft Heinz in the U.S. and foreign markets, the initiative comes as Kraft Heinz Canada has seen a decrease in sales. In its September portion, its Canadian subsidiary suffered a 2.2 percent annual fall in sales to $406 million. U.S. revenues rose 7.4% to $4.71 billion, while global sales rose by 3.9% to $1.33 billion, according to the quarterly report.

The campaign by Kraft Heinz Canada may help to restore some traction for the company as the new year begins. Since halting or delaying promotions at the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in March, parent company Kraft Heinz last year expected to speed up its ad investment.

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