Lakme Joins PETA US – Global Beauty without Bunnies


Lakme has partnered with PETA to launch the ‘Global Beauty Without Bunnies’ campaign in the U.S. This program certifies and encourages brands to refrain from conducting animal testing on cosmetics and personal care products.

Lakme, a Hindustan Unilever subsidiary, will create packaging and labeling with the PETA-approved bunny emblem. It may also be stated that this ad was created to raise awareness of World Animal Day, which is celebrated on October 4th.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is the largest recorded animal rights organization in the world, including over 9 million members and supporters.

PETA fights speciesism, a human-centered worldview, and concentrates its efforts on the four sectors where the greatest number of animals suffers the most for the longest periods: labs, the food industry, the clothes industry, and the entertainment industry. It also works on several other concerns, such as the brutal slaughter of rats, birds, and other creatures deemed “pests,” as well as cruelty to domesticated animals.

Lakme has agreed to take up this challenge. It rejects the use of animals in experiments for the benefit of humans.

Animal testing of cosmetics or their components, as well as the importing of animal-tested cosmetics, were both outlawed in India in 2014. The Cosmetics Rules 2020 were published by the government in 2020, and they include provisions to tighten the restriction on the importation of animal-tested cosmetics.

PETA India encouraged customers to buy only from firms that are listed on PETA US’s Global Beauty without Bunnies program as not experimenting on animals.

“Thanks to Lakme’s compassion and consciousness, animals will be spared the brutal tests for beauty products,” says PETA India science policy advisor, Ankita Pandey.

Sumati Matti, Head of Innovation LAKME mentioned, “Not testing any of our products on animals is vital to our values at Lakme and is in order with Unilever’s Positive Beauty vision. PETA’s ‘Beauty without Bunnies’ program is recognized globally for its premium-quality standards and rigor, and we are proud to be a brand that is officially PETA-approved. With Lakme’s range of high-performance and world-class cosmetics, skin-care products, and beauty salons, women can own their look while knowing that the beauty and safety from our products are from scientific alternatives to animal testing”.

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