Latest campaign eliminates travel as passport instead of ID card


After nearly two years of Covid turmoil, the travel industry has taken tentative steps toward normalization in 2021. In 2022, the true purpose of one of our most powerful assets, the passport take bold steps to restore travel company Clear trip has long been embraced in an era when only identification documents were used to access various private and public services, but cites affordable international airfares and claims that passports are not the only travel document. launched a new campaign calling for the reclaiming of the purpose of A specially created campaign with his Biswa Kalyan Rath from Stand-up Comic literally gives a voice to passports. The passport complains about not being used as a travel document and pleads that it has some “colorful stamps” on it.

Clear tip’s brand his Shubham Khurana, his head of marketing, said: However, this is not a pessimistic statistic. He said that international travel from India was returning after the lockdown, albeit at a low rate, and “expected to triple in the next three years. Few use it at in a funny but ironic remark, he says India ranks third behind China and the United States when it comes to issuing passports.
“We started here. The premise comes from the numbers,” he says. He seeks to attract the attention of young people from the age of 18 he is 35 years old. According to Khurana, they make up 66% of his trips to India.

Clear trip focuses on flying Indians abroad. Indians are the least adventurous of travellers and have cut that job as India’s wanderlust has increased over the past two years since international travel was halted due to the pandemic.
International travel is no longer under house arrest, but it will take until 2024 for annual travel volumes to match 2019 figures, Khurana said, with the share of international passengers in 2021 down 26% compared to 2019. added that it fell to Where Indians want to travel, “lots of short trips to places like Dubai and Southeast Asia”. Canada and the United Kingdom.” We’re talking about short-arrival visas or fast-track travel,” Khurana said. It’s not surprising that it’s mentioned in an ad for a proven spot in.
But what surprised me was the source of the ad. Created in-house by Clear trip’s creative team, not by an agency.
“This comes from our strong belief that we understand brands and consumers the best. The most insightful and creative work comes from our in-house team,” said the brand boss.

This does not mean that Clear tip will run campaigns alone going forward. Major Marketing While partnering with advertising agencies on his campaigns, his in-house team continues to work on mostly mundane marketing efforts.
Khurana said the company is a challenger brand and intends to expand and dominate the market. Most of our customers are flying digital these days, so we plan to spend a significant portion of our marketing dollars digitally.

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