Music Brings Brand and Media Stories: MG Motor’s Gaurav Gupta


MG Motor India has launched the second season of MG Taal titled ‘Naya Safar, Nayi Taal’. This is a national talent hunt for indie music artists. Naya Safar, Nayi Taal aims to focus on introducing up-and-coming talent through a vibrant national talent search. Commenting on the success of Season 1 and how it led to Season 2, Gaurav Gupta, his CCO at MG Motor India, said Taapi Project and Fiddle craft (winner of Season 1) had an amazing response, and MG Motor You said you got over 500 users. generated video.

“Music has always been a core part of MG Motor. We released our brand anthem in 2019 and also have a music logo. Music is well integrated across all consumer touchpoints, whether it’s in the showroom or on the MG Motor Cars screen,” adds Gupta.
How will Season 2 differ from Season 1? Gupta announced that MG Motor will collaborate with select artists to create Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This helps artists on their way to monetization. These artists will also have the opportunity to perform at a specially curated event held in the brand’s metaverse called MG-Verse.

The artist is promoted on his Josh, Songdew, Fever FM and other platforms. This allows their music to be amplified and gain popularity through media such as radio, television and digital channels.
Gupta has an all-encompassing partnership with Songdew, with a particular focus on indie music, He explains that he also has a TV channel and his OTT platform. On the platform he is building a community of over 50,000 indie artists.
Music plays an integral role in MG Motor’s marketing strategy
“Music has the power to evoke a range of emotions. It plays an important role in communicating with customers and building brand positions,” Gupta said. Associating a brand with these works evokes certain emotions, and in this way music becomes central to the brand’s communication strategy.” We recognize that it must go through and not be static, says Gupta. Not only can you enjoy your brand, but it also leads to added value. 

Therefore, it helps bring your brand story and communication to life.
MG Motor India has clarified that there will be no staff cuts or cuts in employee salaries. At MG, our community is strong and our employees are the most important part of it. In fact, they were one of the few employers to conduct employee reviews at all in 2020.

Indie music genres tend to target millennials and younger audiences, but Gupta believes the same music can appeal to audiences of different ages and different times of the day. “We associate indie music with millennials and young people, but good music has the ability to transcend age groups.”

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