Covid has allowed cloud kitchen businesses to flourish


Hustlers Hospitality was founded in March 2021 right after Covid when the hospitality industry was struggling and trying to recover from the industry lag due to the pandemic.

So far, they have launched 22 available brands and 10 promising brands are currently in the pipeline. Last year they managed to launch more than 16 kitchens across India and also managed to get seed funding.

What was the perspective of launching Hustlers Hospitality? How has the company grown since its inception?

The aim behind the launch of Hustlers Hospitality is to make the entire food business hassle-free and prioritized and help the young youth enter the food industry. There is massive growth in the food and beverage industry and the youth has yet to grasp its potential.

In a short span of one year, we have managed to launch and partner with more than sixteen brands in India to expand our footprint, which we feel is a great start for a brand like ours.

What makes Hustlers Hospitality unique in the Cloud Kitchen and QSR segment?

One of our primary USPs is not to let any food brand suffer in times of distress, and through our services, specifically the growth hack model, we have been able to help brands avoid closing shop in the market.

Our growth hacking model is plug-in-play, which means we work with existing kitchen setups and put our cloud-based kitchen brand to work. This uniqueness is something that only Hustlers Hospitality brings to the market and no other cloud kitchen works on our business model. The Growth Hack model helps existing restaurants thrive and not close their kitchens.

How big is the cloud kitchen market in India? What are the growth opportunities here?

According to recent studies and media recommendations, the cloud kitchen market is approximately $400 million. The actual size of the market varies from country to country.

India has huge potential for the cloud kitchen market, especially post-Covid, people’s needs and preferences to go out and eat have shifted to ordering food online and eating food indoors.

Covid has allowed cloud kitchen businesses to flourish and grow rapidly. The constant growth of online food delivery has given opportunities to newcomers in the industry.

Moreover, there is a lot of room for newcomers in the industry, but again there is no defined competition in the cloud kitchen business. A competitor can outperform a competing brand only by providing better quality and operational services to customers. The brand with the best quality food packaging will always do well in the industry.

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