Launching TVC for the consumers from smaller cities and towns: Meesho


Meesho is an India-based e-commerce platform that enables users to resell apparel and home products on social media. It launched a new TVC, by targeting consumers from small towns and cities who are on board with online shopping for quality products at affordable prices. 

The main idea of this platform is to help micro and small businesses and leverage the power of digital technologies. Since e-commerce was struggling in India, Meesho led the way and revolutionized the industry.

This platform makes out over 13 million entrepreneurs, the majority are women by helping them to start their businesses with zero investment, bring the benefits of over 45 million customers across the country.

Almost many Indians have a dream of self-employed, small business owners by starting their businesses. However, to start a business requires a lot of capital. Most of them are not able to invest the money. So people who never had an opportunity to start their own business had joined the Meesho platform.

This platform will connect the customers through the social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook. It provides logistics, online payments, and real-time updates. In more than 4,800 cities the company has delivered 100k+ registers to over 26,000 pin codes. And generating income over Rs. 500 crores for entrepreneurs.

Currently, in India, there are about 60 million micros, small and medium enterprises.

Meesho’s first TVC was by DDB Mudra, focused on an unstated need of the women, to make out what she rightfully reserves and creating her own identity. More than 9million resellers on this platform across 100 cities out of 80% are women from smaller cities and towns. 

Women are smart spenders and have a unique way of saving money. They manage their expenses by planning and by small savings from the monthly income. 

To increase the growth of the company, TVC is one of the top priorities to serve more people, especially people who are living in Tier-2, Tier-3 cities, who have the least spending power as compared to the rest of the customers.

Meesho is making the entry of the next 500 million consumers into the e-commerce ecosystem by establishing the company as the lowest cost e-commerce destination. Also, aims to focus on the consumer base by offering a wide range of products at the lowest prices for women who can use their little savings.

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