Lexus crowdsources gamer-ready automotive layout on Twitch


The Lexus virtual activation of Twitch is that the corporate states, it is the first time a car brand has enlisted gamers through a live stream to customize a vehicle. This participatory approach can help the brand reach younger consumers who are typically elusive on traditional ad channels, particularly after a Twitch banner year fueled by individuals during the pandemic, spending longer reception. In December, the platform reached a record of two.56 million weekly viewers, quite double that of the previous year, Twitch tracker data found. Marketers follow the influx of new audiences rapidly, moving investments from conventional media to new platforms such as streaming and gaming.

Debuting last week, the broader campaign of the 2021 IS model highlights niche passions, from gaming to sneakers to music, an approach that would resonate with the will of young adults for authentic content. Lexus teamed up with eight micro-influencers to star in “All In” and “Names” which can air during primetime TV, special events, and playoffs for the NFL and NBA, rather than casting actors for the new “Vanity Plates,” video spots.

On the Amazon-owned platform, Twitch streamer, Fuslie hosted a two-hour live stream, allowing almost 23,000 viewers to use a poll feature to vote on the inside and exterior changes to the vehicle. This included the gaming consoles, a 3-D printed controller, monitors, lighting, drinks, and car wrap. To customize a full-size vehicle, Lexus will use the poll results. To disclose the finished design, Fuslie will host another live stream on Feb. 17.

Lisa Materazzo, VP of Lexus marketing, said in an announcement, “The IS customer is our youngest, most fiercely authentic yet. The marketing campaign, just like the new IS, is equally authentic and celebrates those that fully embrace their passions.”

With a variety of smartphone-centered initiatives being launched in 2020, Lexus isn’t any stranger to mobile marketing. In March, a six-part podcast series hosted by author Malcolm Gladwell was initiated by the carmaker. Three months later, the Lexus AR Play app was released to present an immersive preview of the 2021 IS sedan to users. It then introduced a “Lexus Creates,” social media series, urging individuals to have interaction within the creative process that underpins the stress of the brand on craftsmanship. Through a U.K. origami tutorial. Lexus’ artist Coco Sato aimed to spotlight its brand ethos of “pursuit of perfection”.

The Lexus Fuslie tie-up is an element of the marketing campaign of the IS model that seeks to achieve individuals who are “all in” to pursue their passions. The “All In” initiative debuted on Jan 4 and can provide additional partnerships with influencers, TV spots, social content, and a travel video in a very documentary style, the corporate announced.

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