LiGo: ICICI Prudential’s AI powered chatbot


ICICI Prudential Life, a major private sector insurance firm, recently announced the introduction of AI-powered voice chatbots on Google Assistant.

The customer chatbot named ‘LiGo’ will allow the company’s policyholders to have their questions answered by basic voice orders like ‘Ok Google, I want to speak to ICICI Prudential Life LiGo’ or ‘May I speak to ICICI Prudential Life LiGo.’

AI-powered chatbots have become effective tools. Customer service is one of the major aspects of the value of a chatbot. When a bot offers customer service, it is a value-driven, qualitative service. A bot uses the data it has on the customer and AI to handle them differently and to give them a friendly, productive, and unforgettable experience. It’s not just about addressing pre-programmed FAQs that any user can find in precisely the same way.

Incorporating AI can provide consumers with easy-to-use and comfortable touch-points. By adding LiGo functionality to Google Assistant, the organization aims to provide consumers with an immersive experience, giving them direct access to their decisions by creating ‘Google Assistant’ on their Android smartphones. They will do this by listing their policy number or authorized phone numbers.

The company believes that the introduction of AI-powered voice assistants offers customized and instant feedback in an ever-evolving digital world, where agility, efficiency, and convenience are constantly improved.

The chatbot is accessible in ‘Indian English’ and with assistance for nine Indian languages, Google Assistant can make it possible for people to have a natural conversation with Google.

As part of the changing needs of our customers, ICICI prudential has enabled LiGo voice service provider on ‘Google Assistant’ to make it available on all platforms and devices available. Accessing policy details based on voice instructions offers unparalleled comfort and immediate satisfaction, “said N S Kannan, Managing Director & CEO of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance.

By incorporating new-age technology, the Organization has launched a number of digital enablers to fulfill any consumer demand across the programed lifecycle – from on-board to customer needs. The company believes that, with this move taken by the company, it will be able to change or bring a transformation in the way customers interact with the company.


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