Lola Kutty joins HDFC Bank as a ‘Vigil Aunty’


HDFC Bank launched a social media campaign called “Vigil Aunty” to educate consumers on safe banking practices and awareness of cyber fraud. Popular TV character ‘Laura Kutty’ gains recognition through chat shows on her social media platforms such as FacebookInstagram.

HDFC Bank today announced the launch of its latest campaign entitled “Vigil Aunty” to promote safe banking habits among people.
Press In her release, HDFC Bank said Anurad Damnon, who plays popular TV her character ‘Laura Kutty’, will be the face of the ‘Vigil Ante’ campaign.

To mark India’s 75th anniversary of independence, HDFC Bank has launched a new campaign called ‘Vigil Aunty’ to encourage people across the country to practice safe banking. This complements the bank’s popular “Mooh Band Rakho” campaign, which urges people not to share sensitive bank information with others.

HDFC Bank’s newest employee is no ordinary employee. In previous Avatar, she was one of India’s most popular VJs. Today, she has taken on the role of a ‘monitoring aunt’ who warns people about all kinds of scams and talks about safe banking transactions.

HDFC Bank has been active in educating consumers and raising awareness about fraud prevention. As of November 2021, the bank has conducted more than 2,800 of his secure banking workshops across the country. The workshop was attended by students, teachers, educational institutions, law enforcement agencies, seniors, dealers and housing associations.

Anuradha Menon, aka Laura Kutty, is an influencer for a major bank. Learn the basics of secure banking in a fun way for Generation Z and Millennials.
“In the online world, consumers are increasingly connecting with social media influencers and content creators for information and advice on topics ranging from food to travel to entertainment. We decided to create our own social media influencer ‘Vigil Aunty’ to provide our customers with information about their habits,” said Ravi Santhanam in a press release.

Santhanam is HDFC Bank’s Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for corporate communications, liability products and managed programs.

“Anu Menon was a perfect fit for the role because she is so effective at connecting with people. We believe we can inspire people to develop good banking habits,” explains Santhanam.

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