Louis Philippe presents #ThanksDad drive for Father’s Day


India’s finest menswear brand, Louis Philippe, from Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd., has unveiled a humble, touching, yet significant drive to celebrate Father’s Day. The brand has freed a drive across its digital stand to celebrate the dad-kids relation.

The drive launched as #ThanksDad showcases young mavens thanking their dads for all they did to advance the right. The artistic method for the video magnifies the unchanging core knowledge of reversing the roles, kids taking charge of their dads’ welfare and promising the same affection and care to them in today’s undefined periods. The drive vividly celebrates the promise, lifetime of tasks, trials, and long-lasting recalls between dads and kids.

The modest yet influential theme of the drive spins majorly around how dads restlessly attention and safeguard best for their family but slip to accept that their grown-up kids can take care of them too. Louis Philippe’s newest drive #ThanksDad imprisonments the same impression and advances a tale urging kids, specifically grownups to realize, it is vital to play dad to their dads in these unparalleled eras and overhaul for them as they were cared for by their dads. The drive is to all the pleasing dads out there and all those playing fathers to their dads for the very primary time during these times. The 60 seconds video highpoints the feelings of young pros who are voicing their opinions of taking care of their dad in these exciting hours. The video aesthetically seizures the actual instances that a son and daughter come crossways while they are on the role of dad to their father.

Farida Kaliyadan, COO, Louis Philippe, said that every dad is a silent leader and is a motivation for every kid. This Pop’s Day, Louis Philippe revels and stimulates all daughters and sons to reflect on the crucial to say Thank You open-heartedly to their dad. Their goal to jumpstart the chat over how vital it is to not just thank but also give back to our dads. And when it comes to open-handed, no solid gift can ease up a dad’s heart like words of heading and the potential of non-stop love to him. There can’t be any more vital times to spread our utmost care and open support to the bloke who ensured the finest of all in life for us. So, with #ThanksDad, Louis Philippe inspires the young group to identify their enduring efforts and pledge for their comfort especially at such uncertain eras as these,” Kaliyadan added.

Louis Philippe’s crusade is also assisted by an appealing social media challenge. The creativity boosts contestants to post a thank you video communicating the most memorable involvement with their dad and sharing it crossways social media stages by the #ThanksDad. The winning admission will feature on Louis Philippe’s social media pages.

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