Madame launches the campaign “Thank you, Maa” on Mother’s Day


A mother’s love for her child is unbreakable and unrivaled. Madame, a stylish western wear women’s fashion brand, has launched a new campaign “Thank you, Maa” that recognizes the importance of mothers in everyone’s lives.

Madame, a women’s fashion brand knows how difficult it is for a mother to juggle work, life, and play. It recognizes the significance of a mother’s involvement in the creation and modeling of each individual.

To promote this, Madame will be releasing a video soon to thank all of the moms out there on Mother’s Day, which is celebrated on May 9th around the world. The campaign highlights the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child, as well as their enduring effects. 

Madame’s Executive Director, Akhil Jain, said that the campaign aims to remind us of the special position mothers hold in our lives and the many ways they make our lives easier and more beautiful, sometimes without our knowledge. 

Madame debuted a special Autumn-Winter collection inspired by Warner Bros. Wonder Woman last year to celebrate women’s indomitable spirit. The brand is known for its one-of-a-kind initiatives and promotions that demonstrate its dedication to women’s empowerment.

The campaign’s main goal is to establish consumer confidence and faith in the Madame brand, similar to the trust and faith they have in their mothers. The campaign also highlights the timeless feelings and their depth, which, like a mother’s affection, only grows stronger with time and generations.

Madame, as a brand, is committed to the spirit of the Indian people, and it wants to make sure that the campaign reflects that. As a result, the team spent a significant amount of time developing the campaign’s theme and video. Mr. Jain also made a special mention to Harshit Ralhan, brand manager, Madame, for his contributions to the campaign’s conception.

The campaign appeals to the public’s sensibilities by creating a subtle connection between the strong role of mothers in our lives and Madame as a trustworthy brand, both of which are depicted as constant personas unaffected by the tides of time.

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