Manyavar Mohey’s ad featuring Alia Bhatt Backlashes


Mohey, the bridal wear brand from the family of Manyavar, the idea must look good on paper, encourage women empowerment and give an additional gender-sensitive sight to the old ritual of ‘Kanyandaan’ in Hindu marriages and rather bring in ‘Kanyamaan’ in its recent ad starring newly selected brand ambassador Alia Bhatt.

In an interview with the press, the brand magnified the idea, stating that through the movie, Mohey’s brand ambassador Alia Bhatt points the traditional principles that expect a daughter to conform to being given away at her marriage.

She decides on her wedding day to reconsider traditions, remarking what Kanyadaan implies in recent times, making it more proportional and developed for her present and future years.

Nevertheless, the ad has not driven down adequately with the cybercitizen and has attracted a lot of flak on social media and the hashtag #BoycottManyavar has been trending on Twitter.

Cyber citizen feels that the Mohey ad doubts an important part of Hindu wedding traditions and presents the practice of Kanyadaan as regressive and overwhelming. They have criticized Mohey for disrespecting society and manipulating innocent buyers.

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut lashed out at Alia Bhatt, which started a controversy on the net on Tuesday, where she asked brands to not combine religion in their promotion to manipulate innocent buyers.

In an Instagram post, the actress wrote that it is a gentle request to all brands to not use belief, minority, majority politics to do business and to quit manipulating innocent customers with sensible divisive beliefs and advertising.

She further added that one should not ridicule Hindus and their traditions. The way society looks at the notion of sacrifice shows its core value system. When they start to look down upon the very belief of daan, then you know it is time for the reestablishment of Ram Rajya.

The king relinquished everything he ever adored only to live the life of a monk. She also tagged Alia Bhatt and others in that post. In reply to the brutal backfire, Manyavar published a thorough declaration announcing that Mohey’s latest ad starring Alia Bhatt strives to encourage a more inclusive and proportional space for women in marriage and existence.

As per the media reports, the company had said in its statement that, In India, marriages are all about traditions and rituals that bring about a joyous union. These old traditions have been an inherent part of our society and one of the most significant beings ‘Kanyadaan’.

The ad brought back memories of jewelry brand Tanishq’s Diwali ad campaign in 2020, starring actors like Neena Gupta, Nimrat Kaur, Sayani Gupta, and Alaya Furniturewala. The ad, which saw one of the actresses pleading people not to blast firecrackers during Diwali, also encountered social media backfire, wherein cybercitizens took offense to the opinion being doled out on how to enjoy Diwali. This ad was then revoked by Tanishq from Twitter and YouTube as well.

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