Naturali launches two campaigns starring Kriti Sanon and Shanaya Kapoor


Beauty products are making their way and have achieved a considerable share of the beauty market, with more n more people becoming aware of their advantages.

With every passing year, thankfulness to the technology, research and growth natural elements have ultimately recouped their position in the limelight.

RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group said not to take their word for it as beauty icons Kriti Sanon and Shanaya Kapoor also believe in natural and appropriate beauty products relate to the Naturali range.

The new era nature prompted personal care brands to strive to provide a unique experience to their buyer invested with trendy natural elements providing immediately noticeable results.

Haircare ambassador Kriti Sanon said that she is incredibly fascinated to be connecting with the Naturali haircare range that is scented with different, stylish natural elements which are free from toxic chemicals. She has always been an enthusiastic follower of the ‘no nasties’ proposal when it comes to hair care wants, therefore this union came very naturally to her.

Naturali alters this, as the range has a different blend of interrelated natural elements, that are optimized to provide you with immediately evident effects. Being a woman she strongly believes that no woman should ever have to risk especially worrying about her beauty options.

So, it is extraordinarily fulfilling to watch a brand that is not only adequate for you being free from fetal and toxic chemicals but also makes you look nice.

Another Bollywood actress and skincare ambassador Shanaya Kapoor said that It is exciting to be related to the Naturali Skincare range. It’s a brand that she feels improves her personality and she’s sure that just like her, a lot of inexperienced women are going to instantly relate to it.

It’s trendy, unapologetic, true to its assertions, and most greatly takes responsibility. What resounded with her the vastly was the new take Naturali proposes on nature-based skincare, the exhilarating elements like- Avocado, Tea Tree, Red Raspberry mixed with the free from dangerous chemicals guarantee.

As a person who’s had to handle her fair share of skin dilemmas like pimples while maturing, she feels specific that this range is going to be very valuable for women out there and she can’t wait for them to try it out.

Shashwat Goenka, Sector Head of Retail & FMCG said that there has been a paradigm change in how Indian customers, particularly the fresher, more aware generation, engage with beauty products today.

They are looking for a holistic and translucent strategy towards beauty and health that is outcome-oriented. Nonetheless, despite there being a burgeoning increase in the market for natural beauty products, the personal care free from nasties portion is still underpenetrated in terms of quantity, accessible partaker.

And that’s where we come in, Naturali, a personal care brand scented with natural elements that are effective and free from toxic chemicals. The range is also accessible at budget-friendly price points to the quantities, a first for the region.

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