Marico Promises Their Consumers With ‘Certificate Of Purity’ For Saffola Honey


Due to the light of the recent honey adulteration scandal, famous FMCH Marico has been reassuring consumers to buy their Saffola Honey Certificate of Purity for every single bottle they purchase. Saffola Certificate of Purity is a food quality standard and assurance certificate, which provides surety to consumers about the safety and purity of Saffola Honey.

Honey processing and packaging are major 2 areas where significantly possible contamination occurs, so it is vital that every batch of the final product should be tested in order to make sure it is 100 percent pure and free from any kind of contamination and adulteration. The testing is done with NMR technology which is globally known as one of the most prevailing methods for detecting adulteration, ensuring authenticity and quality control in honey stated by the company officials in their official press release.

The Saffola Honey, which is completely sourced from Indian beekeepers, is produced at a USFDA registered factory with state-of-the-art technology making sure about the strong quality checks. It is also undergone with each of the quality parameters mandated by the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). Saffola assures that every batch of Saffola Honey is NMR tested which is the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance test, which is one of the highly advanced tests in the world and is measured as the goldstandard for detecting adulteration in honey. The honey is tested at the initial stage of packaging to ensure the sugar addition in the final product. Also, every batch of Saffola Honey is tested using NMR technology in the high-class laboratories to ensure that the honey is 100 percent pure, completely free from added sugars, and free from any form of adulteration.

Consumers can receive the Saffola Honey Certificate of Purity for their Saffola Honey bottle by sending an image of the batch number of the bottle to the [email protected] website. Nowadays, Consumers are more prone to safety and standards thus it is very essential for the company to manage and understand the emotions of people. The honey manufacturing giant is trying to get back the trust of the consumers. 


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