MedSign: Quick and real-time database for a healthy life


The world is a platform that constantly undergoes drastic changes and development over the years. The world has witnessed the penetration of diverse diseases into human lives with high-tech development and growth. Today, we are in the midst of the covid-19 crisis and the emergence of black and yellow fungus which are still not in control in our country. The occurrence of novel infections and advancement in technology indicates the importance of proper health record management. We use to say that health is wealth. Therefore the health records of a person are also very important and are kept confidential in all countries. To keep the medical records safely and to avoid the difficulty for patients to carry them in hand, the organizations are coming forward with digital databases as a solution.

MedSign is a health tech startup founded in the year 2018 by medical professionals Shrihari  Shidhaye, Kamlesh Patel, and Vivan Daarole for the electronic custody and maintenance of health records of individuals. The company focuses to provide instant, complete, transferable and clear health record-management at the point of service and maintenance thereafter. SMSRC a reputed strategic advisor and research firm in the pharmaceutical industry across India and Bangladesh has provided seed funds to MedSign which is undisclosed.

Shidhaye (founder-director of MedSign) said that the seed fund will help the company to offer the market a digital health record database that is safe and can be accessed in real-time by clinicians and patients. Daarole (founder-director of MedSign), said that MedSign aims to improve health care by providing real-time medical records data accessibility and after-care service.

MedSign comes up with three product groups, MedSign Pro, MedSign Care, and MedSign Connect. MedSign pro is a health center management software or application that helps medical officers to access patient’s medical records easily, produce prescriptions in few steps and trace health parameters continuously to offer personal care. MedSign Care is designed for patients to upload, see and share medical records, book a medical appointment or teleconsultations and check health parameters regularly. MedSign Connect offers a multi-disciplinary treatment method by keeping patient medical records and providing them on a real-time basis at the point of medical service.

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