MG CARE at Home: A new program initiated by MG motors


During the Covid-19 pandemic several states are lifting off their restrictions across the country and a lot of people are stepping out of their homes when it is not safe to move around streets. People are having a high probability of being affected since the virus is still lurking around the streets. In such a situation people are advised to remain inside as soon as possible. MG CARE at Home’s is a new programme that was introduced by the company which would reduce the efforts put by the customers to reach the workshop for any kinds of repairs if needed. The company reinstated the program due to the demand of the customers and also to minimize the outings made by the customers.

The program is based on providing technical support at the customer’s doorsteps to check for any minor repairs or sanitation works. With this program, the customers will have a new contactless experience and that can save people’s time from making an unnecessary trip to the company’s workshop for any minor issues. My MG app launched by the company provides features that can be used by customers to have minor repairs and fitments that can be done in their cars. Several other services provided by the company include fumigation, dry wash and general health check-up. If the car requires any kind of repairs which requires the use of any kind of sophisticated special equipment, then the car needs to be sent to the workshop. The company aims to ensure customer assurance and services. The company requires social distancing and related norms to be followed in on-site work and the staff will undergo a layer of screening before visiting the customers at home.

This initiative brings other contactless programs like MG V Phy – voice-guided audio demonstration at our dealerships and a digital suite of experiences for online car purchase, said Gaurav Gupta, chief commercial officer and senior vice president, MG Motor India. Apart from having access to MG CARE at Home service. The My MG app provides us with features like locating the nearest dealer, checking their vehicle’s service history, and finding out the estimate for servicing, gets 24×7 chat support and more.

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